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The LUA diffuser uses a highly efficient real time atomization technology to effectively diffuse essential oils into the environment.

The essential oils are atomized into minute ion particles and active oxygen anions, which are more easily absorbed by the human body than oils diffused by conventional diffusers. 

The LUA diffuser will enhance any room with the addition of  essential oils like  DoTerra Wild Orange, Balance and Elevation, you will change the mood of the office or bedroom very quickly and provide a healthy lift. 

It helps you unload all the burdens from the depressed reality and create a world of your own exceptional and purified selves.  It is advised to use this tool in most environments like - Homes and bedrooms,conference rooms, restaurants, hotels, houses and apartments (drawing rooms, bedrooms, baby's rooms), hospitals, beauty parlors, and other private or public circumstances. 

Detailed Description
The new Alcyon LUA ultrasonic humidifier was sent to me to review which was super handy cos I’d actually been after an ultrasonic Diffuser humidifier for my baby’s room for ages! I’d done a lot of research about humidifiers/vapourisers online and had decided that I definitely wanted to go with an ultrasonic because they are heat free and thus far safer (no risk of nasty burns and that sort of thing).
You just need to pour some water into the machine, turn it on, and a very fine mist comes out the top. You can add a couple of drops of essential oil too – I use lavender to help aid sleep, and eucalyptus and tea tree to help clear a stuffy nose. The extra vapour (humidity) in the room can help ease respiratory issues and help keep dry skin hydrated (perfect for my little man who has been suffering eczema).
I love that this particular vapouriser also has a built in nightlight (7 different colours and 2 levels of brightness) and is SO quiet – almost silent. The vapour lasts for 6 hours on the constant setting or 12 hours on the intermittent setting, and has a great auto-off safety feature when the water runs out, AND it came with a 12 month warranty and a black storage pouch so you can take it with you when travelling too.
Finally, I love the sleek, simple, sophisticated style of this particular humidifier that means it will suit most rooms and décor, but on the SafeFlame website there is a great range of similar products in different styles and colours so you can choose one that fits you best.
~ Jannette


Product Specification

Product Code Lua
Product Size 100x100x160 mm
Coverage 20 m2
Box Size 110x110x210 mm
Power Supply DC 12v
Water Tank 120 ml
Continual Mist Mode 6 hrs [approx]
Intermittent Mist Mode 12 hrs [approx]
Material Plastic
Night Light A 7 Colours + Transition
Night Light B Adjustable Brightness
Mist Output 20 ml/h
On/Off Activation Push Button
Body Colour White
Warranty 12 Months