Health Coaching with Annie Clark
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HEALTH COACHING.  Who needs it?

If you are an athlete you will require a coach at some point in your amateur or professional career. If you are studying a new career you will need a business coach and if you are embarking on anything that requires accountability and commitment you will need a coach.  So too, it is necessary to have a coach for your health needs.

Annie will be your backstop during the times when you want to implement change and strategies to improve your health.  Annie likes to think that she is a facilitator of change.  Annie brings over 32 years of experience and know how into her sessions and brings you up to date with your abilities to stay well and maintain some control over your health. A coaching session with Annie includes:
  • a detailed Client Resource book which has questions and accountability details included which can be filled in by you and worked through over a specific time then emailed to Annie after completion for evaluation and assessment.  
  • A complementary essential oil blend that helps to facilitate change.
  • One of Annie's books, that backs up the needs of the client.
  • A coaching session with Annie generally goes for about an hour and half each week, over 1 month- 2 months  initially then, 1 hour every 2 weeks or until the client feels they are empowered enough to handle their regime confidently.
  • You may be happy with one session to begin with, and this is fine, however a good athlete knows that their coach is crucial to moving forward with their fitness, so too your success is related to how much time and focus you put into your health and wellbeing plan.
  • Coaching can also include participation in several of Annie‚Äôs workshops including the:
  • Raw Food Workshop which takes place several times a month,
  • Bowel health seminars and alternative interactive seminars like -
  • The Art of Wellness (TAOW).  
Coaching can be carried out over the phone or by SKYPE for interstate or international callers/clients.  Details you will need to provide include previous medical details/medications, X-rays and past evaluations from Naturopaths, doctors etc. You will also need to provide a food diary for at least 3-4 days.  Recording what and when you have eaten, your liquid choices, bowel activity and mood. 
Contact us to make a time for your coaching session and discuss rates and availability.  Phone 0402 166 187 - Annie Clark .  Testimonial with Kayleen.