In the Raw
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The very 'New' and 'Updated' In The Raw

COMPLETE with extra recipes...  discover all about raw food

  • Learn how to detoxify your body... without being fanatical!  Learn what you need to know to have a healthy and vital body, mind and spirit!

Learn about what is a raw food diet. This book is a must for any 'raw fooder to be!'  Anne Clark will take you on a journey into soul food that nourishes the mind, body and spirit.  You will also discover what is the raw food diet.

The POWER of Raw foods exposed! 
Our biggest seller to date...
Informative and easy to read information on the benefits of raw cuisine with tasty recipes and how to create a healthy body. In The Raw is about positive eating and intelligent food choices for healthy living.
In The Raw book has been appreciated and used by TAFE colleges and Health Retreats Australia wide.


  • In The Raw provides solutions to often emotionally as well as dietary sparked health problems.
  • This is a book that inspires you to take control of your life, that helps you to be inspired about raw food cuisine and a vegan food diet.
  • Any one who is concerned about keeping weight off, conceiving a healthy baby and raising healthy children needs to own this book!
So what are the benefits of eating a raw food diet? 
  • - Raw food cuisine is alive with enzymes and antioxidants, which give you the fuel and stamina to handle life and stress.
  • - Raw food is ideal food for weight loss.  Eating food for weight loss, means healthy meals and heaps of energy.  Raw eating is fun and simple.
  • - A vegan food diet is better for the planet and the animals.  It's all about simplicity, consciousness and patience.  Patience with yourself as you explore the wisdom of eating more live food. 
There is no pressure on you to be 100% Raw, however you will be inspired to give this lifestyle a go, and gradually increase the amount of food on your plate to be alive and pulsing with nutrition.  IN THE RAW - lifestyle manual will help you on your journey to outstanding health. 
Over 130 natural food recipes, fasting, detoxification and more..

· Vegan Recipes                                 ·  Fasting

· Vitamins & Minerals                        ·  Inspiration

· SPECIAL 3 day Detox                     ·  Walking for Exercise
· Total Body Maintenance                · Balancing Acid & Alkaline
Annie has been a TAFE college teacher for Adult Education for over Ten years in NQld, where she held Raw Food classes.
Utilising the In The Raw manual was a pre requisite for the classes and has been widely used since for teaching of delicious Raw Food preparation.
In the Raw was revised a 2nd time in 2008 to further include more information and recipes for its popular use.  Now the Latest Edition  (2010) with some delicious and practical new recipes (including the yummy Cashew Cream Pie), Anne has re-vamped the book with extra tips on staying vibrant, healthy and happy. 
There is a need for an even better understanding of ourselves and how to care for our health through natural living. ‘In the Raw’ is about solutions to often emotionally as well as dietary sparked health problems.
Anne Clark is a person who believes in the power of raw foods and the relationship food has to our well-being, when it is prepared as close as possible to its original form. This book will give you a fresh look at the way we should nourish ourselves and leave you with the feeling that you can make changes to this planet and the future of the world simply by what you put in your mouth.
  • When I purchased Anne Clarks book on Raw Foods, I couldn't wait to try the recipes.  I was so impressed with it because I could get the ingredients without too much hassel and because everything I made worked!  Loved the Apple crumble and Veggie Pate.  Well done Anne..  Yvonne Brown.  Clifton Beach - North QUeensland.
  • I made the mistake of lending my copy of IN THE RAW to a friend, and never got it back, so I ordered a few more copies, so I could give this book as a gift and not worry if it came back or not.  Thank you Annie for such a wonderful and practical book.  I use it all the time.  My favourite recipe is the Carob Balls... so nice.  thank you.  Amanda Jones, Byron Bay.