Quality Original Model Squirrel Massager 6 Massage Heads
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The "Original" Squirrel Massager has now been in production for over 10 years, over 10,000+ have been sold.   

What is the Squirrel Massager?

One of the best devices ever made to assist the individual to treat discomfort and inflammation.  Every attachment has a benefit when used in accordance with the instructions.  Use for 5 minute intervals.  Best friend of the Squirrel Massager is?  Drink lots of water.

A professional quality therapeutic massager that is a triumph of engineering and wisdom and benefits the body in many ways from sports injuries to relaxation.

Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy

The Squirrel Massager is an essential piece of physical therapy equipment for your physiotherapy practice or sports injury practice. The Squirrel Massager is an electric massager that gives relief to sore muscles with its inbuilt infra-red warming lights. It improves recovery time and is helpful for pain relief for sports injuries in football sports like rugby league, rugby union, AFL and soccer and many other sports. For physiotherapy and occupational therapy, an electronic pulse massager such as the Squirrel Massager with its durable high-grade finish is one of the best massaging tools available today. 

Massage Practice and Reflexology

Professional masseurs choose the Squirrel Massager for its high quality and motor strength. The electronic pulse massager helps you give relaxation massages and relieves tiring and aching muscles. A relaxation massage with the Squirrel Massager reduces stress and tense muscles. The soft rubber bristle accessory can be used for neck and shoulder massage, a relaxing foot massage assisting in reflexology, head and facial massage and can also be used safely as a colon massage. It can assist in relieving anxiety and depression when used on certain acupressure points. Used with aromatherapy adds to the relaxation massage effect.

Personal Use Massager

The Squirrel Massager is an ideal hand held, electric massager for use in the privacy of your home. With its finger-tip variable speed and smart design you can easily use the Squirrel Massager on yourself and your family to relive sore and aching muscles, give pain relief and relaxation.

Squirrel Massager Demo Video by Annie Clark



Key features at a glance

- Model SQM-330
- Infra-red warming lamps built into head of unit
- Professional quality & feel
- Strong motor
- "Finger tip" variable speed
- 6 accessory heads
- Durable high grade finish
- 6 month Warranty
- FDA listed in the USA as a therapeutic massager #890.5660
Note:  When using the hand held Squirrel Massager, always allow space and comfort around your client and you.  Ensure that the environment is the right temperature and there is no distractions.  Ensure that you offer your client or yourself a glass of purified water before using the device.  Enjoy the many benefits of private, affordable use of this amazing tool.

Testimonial for Squirrel Massager

"I have purchased my second Squirrel Hand-Held Massager from Annie Clark at 'Bewell'.  The delivery was within 24 hours. My first one had cracked due to a mishap. I had been using the Squirrel Hand-Held Massager for 4 years to combat a perpetually tight and painful piriformis which was caused by prolapse. My sciatic nerve was constantly pinched and my calves, arches and toes would constantly go into excruciating cramp, Prior to the purchase I had been bleeding money for musculo-skeletal doctors, spinal blocks, physiotherapists, Chinese acupuncturists, Chinese and western massagers and chiropractors - each of whom would give me 36 hours relief before I was immersed in pain and restriction again.
The Squirrel Hand-Held Massager has paid for itself many times over. With both its general and accupressure attachments, my husband is able to get down into my right and left buttocks and force the piriformis muscle to relax, take pressure off the sciatic nerve and to 'loosen' my calves and feet.
The Squirrel Hand-Held Massager is far less uncomfortable than a massager burrowing her elbow into my buttock and does not leave bruises."