How old are you, really?

Discover your true age in 21 minutes

Discover your true age in 21 minutes and

and take hold of your health.

take hold of your health.

The AgeMeter analysis measures reaction speed, decision time, memory + more
to give you a precise report on your mind & body’s actual age so you can
take the strategic approach to your health. 

No CC required | Completely free (for now)

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We make getting & staying healthy easy for over 40s.


You can’t plug the holes if you don’t know where the leaks are

Here’s what we know:
All of those bad health decisions we make when we’re younger ALWAYS catch up to us.

We end up with:

Rise above the “bursts of motivation”.

Eventually we decide it’s time to take our health seriously.

We run, we gym, we do pilates, but…
we can never seem to maintain it.

Because we don’t really know what’s wrong with our body…

what it actually needs

and what we should be doing about it.


21 minutes for a lifetime of insight.

That’s where the AgeMeter analysis comes in.

Developed in the US over the last 20 years, the Agemeter is a noninvasive device designed to measure your physiological biomarkers,

After 21 minutes it generates a detailed mind & body report with pinpoint accuracy.

Get the knowledge you need.

With the AgeMeter report you’ll know exactly:

Take the strategic approach to your health.

No credit card required | Completely free (for now)

Why we’ve made your analysis free

The AgeMeter analysis is conducted at Be Well Hawthorn – a world-class health club for people over 40 who want to live younger, longer.

We’re hoping that when you walk into the space to take your test, you’ll be astounded by everything Be Well does to rewind the clock on your health…

and you’ll think about joining our growing community of 40 plus’ers  taking hold of their health and age-proofing their minds & bodies.

Not interested? No problem.
Your test & report is completely free and yours to keep forever (sleazy sales pitch not included).

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