Be Well

– A satisfying way to recover from exercise


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What it is

Step onto a pair of leg-long boots, relax on a recliner and enjoy massage-like effects as the boots inflate and deflate up and down your legs, using air compression.  You can also choose 6thigh and shoulder options. Settings range from light (1-2) to intense (9-10); start at 4 and build from there. While reclining, you might meditate (try our Muse headsets!), read, sleep, listen to music, or chat to your friend in the recliner beside you, all while your your limbs luxuriate.

How it works

Normatec Pro devices enhance blood flow and speeds recovery by using:

  • a pulsing action that mimics the muscle pump of legs and arms, greatly enhancing the removal of fluid and metabolites from the limbs
  • following gradients that promote blood flow
  • sequenced releases to ensure limbs gain maximal rest time without significant pause between compression cycles.

Hi-tech used by professional athletes, now readily available for you.

The results

In brief,
  • improves circulation
  • enhances lymphatic drainage
  • removes of waste products including lactic acid
  • decreases recovery time
  • promotes relaxation.
A highly effective form of recovery at the cutting edge of science. Look to do one session (30 minutes) regularly to gain the benefits, and double sessions to enhance those benefits.