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6 Roche St, Hawthorn, Victoria 3122
Come and say hi, we are here to help and will be delighted to answer any of your queries.

Seven Days Exclusively for YOU

Introductory Wellness Retreat for $49*

Valued at $369, imagine enjoying a week-long wellness retreat without the need to travel far. Instead of heading to distant locations, you can indulge right here in Hawthorn, and for only $49*.

The best thing about your Introductory Wellness Retreat at Be Well is that you can choose your own wellness journey.  Discover the simple joys of mindful movement, or recover and unwind with your choice of unlimited Be Well Experiences for 7 days.

Embrace Change and Discover Vitality

Yes, your body may be speaking a little louder these days, or feel a little softer than you’d like, reminding you of the beautiful journey you’ve walked thus far. At Be Well,  we see this time of your life as an invitation to explore new paths of vitality and joy.

Maybe you are facing health challenges and injuries, or perhaps you’re simply seeking wellness, and a sanctuary away from the chaos of everyday life?  

Whatever your story, know that you’re not alone. 

Together, let’s explore the boundless possibilities of living a life filled with vitality, purpose, and deep-rooted serenity.

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Explore BeWellRecipes: Nourish Your Body and Soul at Be Well Hawthorn

Craft Your Personalised Introductory Wellness Retreat

With so many options to choose from, during your 7 days you might find it challenging to fit everything in!

Choose from:

  • Mat & Reformer Pilates Classes
  • Stretch & Yoga Classes
  • Interval & Strength Classes
  • Latin Dance Exercise Classes
  • Compression Massage 
  • Hot/Cold Bath Hyrdotherapy
  • Infrared Sauna 
  • Hydroxy Air-Pod Oxygen Chamber
  • Muse Meditation 

As you embark on this path to wellness, you will also delight in the soothing ambiance of our Be Well Club and indulge in the following amenities:

  • Herbal tea and fresh fruit snacks available all day
  • Bathrooms stocked for your comfort and convenience with amenities, fresh towels, robes, and slippers 
  • You are not on your own! Experience the warm embrace of our friendliest team of Be Well Keepers, Personal Trainers, Health Coaches and World Class Instructors.

Come, and start your journey to serenity and well-being with Be Well. Your journey to a healthier, happier you begins here.

Beyond the Gym at Be Well

If the conventional gym scene is no longer fulfilling your need, Be Well offers a sanctuary where holistic thriving takes center stage.  Be Well is nothing like bustling gyms and the strict regimens that you’ve done in the past, and you will not feel like it’s a losing battle against yourself. 

Wellness isn’t about restriction or sacrifice. It’s about finding harmony between what nourishes your body and what feeds your soul.

At Be Well there’s no judgment, no pressure—only a gentle encouragement to listen to your body’s wisdom, honor its unique journey, and fall in love with it again.

Discover the BeWellJournal: Your Path to Wellness at Be Well Hawthorn
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7 Days of Nourishment for Your Body and Mind

So, take a deep breath, and step into Be Well, a world where wellness is not just a destination but a beautiful journey of self-discovery. 

It’s time for you, you have so much life left to live, and we’re here to help you savor every moment of it. 

Reserve my retreat

Spaces for the Introductory Wellness Retreat are intentionally limited to maintain the intimacy of our space and ensure the utmost care for our existing members. Secure your spot now by completing the form to register your interest, and be sure to check your email immediately to confirm that we have received it. (If you do not receive it, please check your spam folder.)

*The Be Well Introductory Wellness Retreat is available once only to new guests of Be Well.

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