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Personalised support, hi-tech and traditional wisdom, to live younger, longer, better.

Our Vision

Waking up each morning, your body rested, limber and energised. Your mind clear, calm, even serene. Feeling grateful and eager for the day ahead.

Enjoying the day’s pleasures, tackling challenges with ease, getting things done, and achieving goals.

Relating to loved ones, colleagues, and everyone you meet, with grace and laughter.

Taking time for self-care, in spaces and with people that nurture and support you.

Falling asleep each night, mind and body ready for a well deserved rest, feeling deeply satisfied by a day well lived.

That is the vision we have for the Members of Be Well, today, and well into their 90s.
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Yoga class

Our Mission

Change the way we age.

At Be Well, we are serious about changing the way we age.

The science is in: we can slow, halt and even reverse our biological clock. We can 5, 10, 15 years younger than our birthdays tell us.

A 30 year-old is able to slow the ageing process, and so is a 90-year-old. It’s never too early or too late to start. The best time to start is: now.

When we don’t look after ourselves properly, we end up chronically ill, frail, prone to sickness, dependant, and usually miserable for 10-20 years, and die before our time.

By following the Be Well Method, Members change the way they age and may achieve lifelong health and wellbeing by: extending their health-span (years of healthy living; life-span (years of life); and, quality of life (years of high functioning).

There are no guarantees against accidents, genetic constraints or bad luck, but what is guaranteed is that failing to look after ourselves properly always results in poor health and wellbeing.

Our promise

We promise to do our best to provide you a premium service, using the latest technology and drawing on ancient wisdom, that enables you to transform your lifestyle.
The Well

Our values


We genuinely care for our Members, our team, our community, and our planet.


We strive for excellence in everything we do, seeking to make a habit of it.

any body

We accept and embrace each person without judgment, wherever they are on their journey.

we do better

We foster the growth of the Be Well community, knowing that living our best lives is a team sport.

through discipline

“Only people who are disciplined are free. People who are undisciplined are slaves to their passions and emotions.”

Eluid Kipchoge
Greatest marathon runner in history

We all want to live a long life,
but none of us want to get old

His heart attack didn’t kill him - but it should have

David was:
highly stressed,
and a smoker.

So when his heart attack struck he and Jan were shocked and upset, but not surprised.

Our quest for good health - the Co-Founders’ story

After David got out of hospital with a stent in his chest – we knew things had to change.

We used to be fit when we were younger, and then intermittently. But too much food (good and bad), alcohol, not enough exercise, along with life stage changes – menopause! – and work stress were slowly taking their toll.

We delved into the extensive literature on the science of how to age well. We discovered ageing is not inevitable, in fact just the opposite. You can age well if you know what and how to do it.

The ‘secret’? The best medicine available to human beings is our lifestyles. Use our lifestyles as our medicine, and profound health and wellbeing is the inevitable result.

So we shook up our lifestyle, started getting active, and became much healthier. We went to yoga here, Pilates there, gyms somewhere else, saunas and Tai Chi somewhere else, the odd health retreat and spa, and joined meditation groups.

The problem was – it took so much time, effort and money.


Enter Be Well

We began to imagine a single destination where we were shown how to extend our healthspan and lifespan. A place with expertise and equipment, facilities and services, to enable us to gain – and sustain – excellent health and wellbeing.

Happily, we found several places just like that: residential lifestyle health retreats, many in Queensland, where we would go for a week or 10 days (at considerable expense). Each time, we left feeling a lot better, with a renewed commitment to living well.

But gradually, over the following weeks, we found ourselves sliding back to previous habits and routines. All too soon, we were feeling like our old selves, literally. Context, we learned, shapes behaviour.

We realised that we needed an urban health retreat. An everyday place, nearby, that provided the suite of self-care options we had come to value. With a community of like-minded people who also wanted to live younger, longer, better lives.

So we created Be Well Hawthorn.

We warmly invite you to join us now and enter Be Well.


Dr. Alison DeSouza

“I joined Be Well five weeks ago and it's made a huge difference in my life. It's brought balance, energy, and strength back to me and I'm thrilled with my progress over the past month. As a surgeon, I value the holistic approach to health care that Be Well takes.”

Kate Dear

“Beautiful, calm space. Love coming for classes and chatting to other client's. Pilates has been challenging but it is great to finally be back to some real exercise post covid, and start to regain my strength and power. Love the range of choices across strength, flexibility and cardio.”

Lisa Winneke

“This space and everything Be Well offers is next level! Cutting edge, quality and everything I had dreamed of. I love its all under one gorgeous roof. The people who have created this centre, along with those who are supporting the community, are the epitome of warmth, friendliness and professionalism. Thank you, thank you for this gift. I can't wait to explore more of your offerings and services.”

Emma Abbott

“What a beautiful yoga class! amazing way to start the day - fantastic teacher in a stunning environment.”

Anne Pang

“Friendly and professional staff, state of the art equipment, beautiful setting, highly recommended !! They even look after my elderly mother with patience and kindness.”

Teresa Brandau-Starks

“A great session with Dante on the HUR machines, a good reminder about form and being patient. Highly recommend!!”

Michelle Dabrario

"I used to go to 5 different locations for Yoga, Pilates, Physiotherapy and Strength and conditioning training, Sauna and Massage treatments. Being a member at Be Well has saved me a lot of time, money and planning. I can now do all of these things with a consistent level of care and professionalism and I can schedule them each week in one app. Be Well is literally a life changer. The recovery assets are a bonus, and I look forward to them every week. Big thanks to Rob, Pat and the team for helping me to be more well."

James Van Smeerdijk

"Cool place, well thought out array of services, an app that is easy to use, great equipment, friendly and helpful staff, and excellent tea! Makes being healthy easy and fun."

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