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6 Roche St, Hawthorn, Victoria 3122
Come and say hi, we are here to help and will be delighted to answer any of your queries.

Smart Strength Training at Be Well Hawthorn

Workout smarter, not harder.

Our tech-infused resistance equipment remembers your last workout and automatically increases the resistance by a healthy amount.

Now you can consistently build strength – without even thinking about it.

Tap a button.
Optimise your workout.

It’s like personal training, for all fitness levels, programmed precisely for your body.

Imported from Helsinki, our HUR equipment adapts to your body and fitness goals.

It automatically adjusts resistance based on your past workouts so you can build strength on auto-pilot.

HUR Touchscreen Be Well Hawthorn
HUR Rob Be Well Hawthorn

Targets muscles, not joints.

Unlike regular gym equipment and weights training, HUR is low impact.

It targets your muscles without damaging your joints.

Now you can get stronger, faster, without the strain.


Multiple classes each day.

Our personal trainers run guided, small group strength training sessions multiple times a day in our fitness studio.

We optimize for life strength training so you can move through the day with ease and comfort.

We focus on exercises that build cardiovascular strength, engage in core work, and help you build foundational strength.

And when classes aren’t running, members have free access to the equipment.


Multiple Classes Each Day at Be Well Hawthorn

Unlimited strength
training, forever.

Be Well Members get access to strength training and fitness classes, as well as unlimited use of HUR resistance equipment. 

See the space. Feel the difference.

Questions about strength training

Strength training and conditioning training is essential for building muscle mass, improving bone density, and boosting metabolism. It helps in maintaining a healthy weight, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, and enhancing overall physical and mental well-being. By increasing strength and endurance, it also improves functional ability, making daily activities easier and reducing the risk of injury.

Yes, strength training and fitness classes are highly effective for weight management. It develops cardiovascular fitness and builds lean muscle, which burns more calories than fat, even when at rest. This increase in muscle mass boosts your metabolism, leading to more effective weight loss and weight management over time. Combined with a balanced diet and regular cardiovascular exercise, strength training can be a powerful tool in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Absolutely. Strength training has been shown to improve mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood. It can also boost self-esteem and cognitive function. The endorphins released during exercise act as natural mood lifters. Additionally, achieving goals in strength training can provide a sense of accomplishment and confidence that extends beyond the gym.

It's time to be well.

HUR Fitness Zone

Strong, Fit
and Well

When only the best will do.

For people wanting to gain strength and fitness safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Our HUR SmartZone is a complete, stylish training studio suitable for all fitness levels.

Our HUR machines are designed by Helsinki University Research and imported from Finland. Every move you make, every step you take, is uploaded to your personal HUR profile, tracking your progress over time.

Our expert trainers run HUR Group classes and Be Strong classes every day. All classes are free for Members: see Memberships for detail.

We can be 15 years younger

Imagine living in a body that is 5, 10, even 15 years younger than our birthdays tell us.

The science is in: we can slow, halt and even reverse our biological clock. And one of the most important keys for rewinding that clock is our level of cardiovascular and muscular fitness:

  • CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS, or ‘cardio’, is our body’s ability to use oxygen: take it in, transport it around our body, and use it to fuel our movements.

    We improve our cardio when we raise our heart rate. The more, and more often, we lift and push weight, the stronger we become.

  • MUSCULAR FITNESS relates to the amount of force a muscle can exert. There are about 600 muscles in the human body, comprising three kinds muscle fibres which provide:

  • Endurance: Slow Oxidative fibres (Type 1) produce low power over long periods and are relatively slow to fatigue

  • Speed: fast oxidative fibers ( Type 1 and 2) produce more power and are quicker to fatigue.

We improve our muscular fitness when we lift or push weight. The more, and more often, we lift and push weight, the stronger we become.

Your personal path to fitness depends on your starting point, commitment and aspirations. Our Physiotherapist will tailor a Be Well Roadmap that is right for you and review your progress with you every 12 weeks.

HUR SMARTZONE: safe efficient effective easy to use

Because traditional gyms weren’t built for us.
HUR Fitness Zone
You touch into each machine with your card. Each machine automatically calibrates itself to your personal settings: weight, seating preference, and lever placement.

The screen shows the number of repetitions for you to do. You complete the reps and move to the next machine. Nothing to think about; nothing to do, other than get fitter and stronger.

HUR Smartzone

Traditional Gym

The time you take to complete a circuit depends on the Be Well Roadmap you develop with our Physiotherapist. Expect 20-30 minutes, likely twice a week.
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The intelligent way

With HUR SmartTouch our staff create and manage your personal strength training program, as part of your Bell Roadmap.  Data is automatically collected in real time each time you use a machine, including: repetitions; resistance; range of movement; power,  and progress. 

You will be able to access your reports online, to track your progress and inform future adjustments to your program.

Expert Support and Guidance

…because we do better, together.

Be Well Hawthorn Partner: Strengthening Connections

HUR Group classes

One of our Personal Trainers - and other class members! - support, encourage, and motivate you as you complete your circuit.

Expect to laugh, share stories, and enjoy yourself, even as you push out that last rep!

Be Strong classes

One of our Personal Trainers leads the class through a series of shared activities.

Activities may include stretching, body weight exercises, medicine balls, bands, and much more. The emphasis is on variety and having fun while getting a thorough workout!

All HUR Group classes, Be Strong classes, and personal use of the HUR machines are free for Members: see Memberships for detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

At your initial Assessment our Physiotherapist will arrange a time for you to attend your HUR Onboarding.

During your HUR Onboarding, conducted by a Be Well Keeper, your card will be loaded with the strength and fitness program set out in your Roadmap: which machines, how many reps, seating preference and lever placement.
The machines are adjusted using air compression. Unlike most gym equipment, where you have to load the weights yourself, this is automatically done for you when you touch onto the machine with your card.
We do better, together. One of our Personal Trainers - and other class members! - support, encourage, and motivate you as you complete your circuit. Expect to laugh, share stories, and enjoy yourself.
One of our Personal Trainers leads the class through a series of shared activities. The activities may include stretching, body weight, pulleys, balls, the Pilates Reformers, and more and on. The emphasis is on variety and having fun while getting a thorough workout!
Listen to your body. Learn warning signals of heart disease, including chest pain or pressure, disproportionate shortness of breath, fatigue, or sweating, erratic pulse, lightheadedness, or even indigestion. Do not ignore aches and pains that may signify injury; early treatment can often prevent more serious problems. Do not exercise if you are feverish or ill. Work yourself back into shape gradually after a layoff, particularly after illness or injury. Let our staff know if you have any concerns before commencing exercise.
Okay, not really a Frequently Asked Question, but interesting nevertheless!

Chronological age is the number of years a person has been alive; Biological Age refers to how old a person seems. Functional Age refers to how well a person’s body functions.

We use calendars to measure our chronological age; scientists use DNA methylation to determine biological age. There are plenty of sites which, at a price, will collect your DNA and report on your Biological Age. At Be Well, we provide a free Age Analysis that measures your Functional Age.

How important is it to know your biological age? Here is some practical advice from the inventor of the biological clock, back in 2011, Professor Steven Horvath:

“The data from these clocks has validated everything we already know about what leads to long lifespans. If I was an alien from Mars arriving on planet Earth and I used these clocks, it would basically recapitulate 50 years of epidemiologic research.

It would say smoking is terrible for you. It would say obesity is bad for you. It would say eat vegetables. It would say exercise.” Source

Turns out, our lifestyle is our worst poison or best medicine. As we already knew. But we get to choose.