Be Well


Pilates Studio Hawthorn

At Be Well, we offer Pilates classes with a team of 3 experienced instructors who are passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Our classes are designed to cater to different levels of fitness, from clinical Pilates for rehabilitation to mat Pilates for general fitness.

With our state-of-the-art reformer machines, you’ll experience the full benefits of Pilates, including improved posture, core strength, and flexibility.

Reformer Machines and Small Class Sizes

Our Pilates classes take place in a private studio equipped with reformer machines, and we keep class sizes small to ensure that you receive individual attention.

Our instructors provide detailed instructions on how to use the reformer machines, ensuring that you use them safely and effectively.

The reformer machines provide resistance training, which helps you build muscle, increase flexibility and improve your overall body tone.

Take up to 6 Classes per Week

At Be Well, we understand that you have a busy schedule, and that’s why we offer flexible scheduling for our Pilates classes.

You can take up to 6 classes per week at a time that suits you.

Our instructors are available to provide guidance and support, ensuring that you get the most out of your Pilates experience.

Whether you’re looking to build core strength, increase flexibility, or recover from an injury, our Pilates classes are the perfect way to achieve your fitness goals.

Join us at Be Well and experience the transformative power of Pilates.