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6 Roche St, Hawthorn, Victoria 3122
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Senior Clinical Psychologist in Hawthorn

Meet Dr Kate O'Brien, Be Well's Senior 
Clinical Psychologist

Kate’s approach is about self-discovery.

With curiosity and compassion, she helps her clients explore, move through, and integrate challenging experiences, to ultimately discover what they truly value and what is vital for attaining and maintaining psychological well-being.

Mind, brain, body. Integrated.

As someone who has dedicated over a decade to helping others heal from trauma, Dr O’Brien has learned that the integration of our mind-brain-body system is core to cultivating well-being.

Which is why her approach is so synergistic with Be Well’s philosophy.

Psychologist Be Well Hawthorn
Psychologist Be Well Hawthorn

Live in harmony, not conflict, with your emotions.

Finding mind-brain-body integration means tuning into the wisdom of our psychical forms and allowing the full depth of emotional experience, rather than intellectualising them.

This takes some practice.

But by being curious about our felt experiences, and the associated thoughts and beliefs that arise, we can learn what we truly value and what is vital for our psychological well-being.

About Kate

I am Clinical and Forensic Psychologist with over a decade of experience working as a trauma therapist in non-profit and public mental health settings.

During this time, I have witnessed the phenomenal strength, beauty, and complexity of the human spirit.

I believe in the power of connection for healing, and that a psychologist’s role is to journey alongside clients as a guide and facilitator, as they navigate their pathway to healing.

My approach in psychotherapy is interpersonal and relational: to journey alongside others, with curiosity and compassion, with the goal of creating a ‘safe enough’ space for self-exploration and reflection.

I work in a way that attempts to integrate all aspects of emotional and psychological experience, with an understanding that the body remembers and thus needs to be integrated into therapeutic approaches.

Kate O'Brien Clinical Psychologist Be Well Hawthorn