Be Well

Gym, yoga, pilates, physiotherapy, and recovery in Hawthorn.

Lifelong health, made simple.

Be Well Urban Lifestyle Retreat. Fitness, health, and wellness made easy.

Live Longer, Thrive Better,
Be Well

Live Longer, Thrive Better, Be Well

Be Well is a first-of-its-kind health club,
informed by the science of longevity.

Embrace a life of vitality and joy at Be Well Hawthorn, where our holistic approach to wellness empowers you to live longer and thrive better. Discover our unique blend of activities, nutrition, and community designed to enhance your well-being.

With our unique combination of personalised fitness, rapid recovery and preventative health care, Be Well is your partner for achieving health that lasts a lifetime.

Hear the inspiring story of transformation directly from one of our cherished clients at Be Well Hawthorn. Discover how our personalized wellness programs and supportive community have made a profound impact on their journey to health and happiness.
I joined Be Well five weeks ago and it’s made a huge difference in my life.
It’s brought balance, energy and strength back to me and I’m thrilled 
with my progress over the past month.
As a surgeon, I value the holistic approach to health care that Be Well takes.
Dr Alison DeSouza,
Be Well member

Health doesn't
have to be hard work.

Your health journey.

With your Be Well membership you get a streamlined approach to lifelong health:
    1. A whole-body assessment from a senior physiotherapist – every 12 weeks.

    2. A 12-week roadmap based on that assessment.

    3. Access to our classes, equipment, & facilities to carry out your roadmap.

    4. A warm community of people who are on the same journey and experts to keep you on the path.

(Very) small group classes

75+ classes each week, including pilates, yoga, & strength training, with numbers strictly capped to allow for personal attention.

A partnership,
not just a program.

We go beyond providing classes & equipment.

Every Be Well member gets the 1-on-1 support & accountability they need so they can get on the path to lifelong health, and stay on it.

Your progress, sped up.

Your wind-down is just as important as your work-out.

That’s why we’ve curated best-of-the-best recovery facilities so you can get fitter & healthier, sooner. 

Five allied health services under one roof.

Book in with our in-house
physiotherapist, psychologist,
or dietitian.

Get a targeted remedial massage or a blissful therapeutic massage.

It’s all here
at Be Well. 

TED-style community events

From sleep, to diet, to human psychology, we bring in experts to share the latest in health science.

Exclusive mind & body courses

Get access to specialised courses from true masters in the domains of Tai Chi, Soundbaths, Breathing, and more.

Fitness, health & wellness
for everybody, and any body.

6 Roche St, Hawthorn

A new type of gym
in the heart of Hawthorn

Listen to the heartfelt stories of transformation from our valued clients at Be Well Hawthorn. Discover how our tailored wellness programs and supportive community have empowered them to overcome obstacles, achieve their goals, and embrace a life of vitality. Join us in celebrating their inspiring journeys towards health and happiness.
The space and everything Be Well offers is next level!
Cutting edge, world-class quality and everything I had dreamed of. I love that its all under one gorgeous roof. The staff and community are the epitome of warmth, friendliness and professionalism.
Thank you, thank you for this gift.
Lisa Winneke,
Be Well member
Why Be Well Exists

Most gyms aren't
for most people.

Meet Pat Lynch, a valued member of the Be Well community, embodying our ethos of holistic wellness. Join Pat on a journey of health, vitality, and personal growth at Be Well Hawthorn, where every individual's well-being is celebrated and supported.
Crowded classes.
Thumping music.
Zero guidance.
And we wonder why
it’s hard to stick to it?

At Be Well, you’re taken care of.

We provide you with:
  • a tailored health & fitness roadmap – updated every 12 weeks,
  • best-of-the-best classes & facilities to carry it out,
  • and a genuine community to belong to.
No more overwhelm.
No more isolation.
No more night club vibes.

We’ll hold your hand and keep you accountable at every step so you can get fit, healthy & well – and stay that way, for life. 

It's time to be well.