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2023 New Year

Wellness for living
younger, longer, better

The New Healthy is a revolutionary paradigm shift in our approach to well-being, placing lifestyle at the forefront of health management. It recognizes that our daily choices, from diet and exercise to stress management and sleep patterns, have a profound impact on our health and wellbeing.

The New Healthy recognises that prevention is the best cure to every disease of the body, mind and heart. In a world awakening to the importance of holistic health, the New Healthy is a beacon of hope, as we hold the keys to our well-being in our everyday choices.

At Be Well, we support you to become a New Healthy person, every step of the way.

The Be Well Method

Our method is based on the principles of Lifestyle Medicine, which addresses the whole person: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.  

Research shows that modifiable behaviors such as physical inactivity, poor sleep, high stress, unhealthy eating are major drivers of poor health, illness and disease. 

By combining hands-on support, monitoring progress over time, and a wide range of modalities including yoga, massage, pilates & physiotherapy, we help our Members optimise their lifestyle to achieve and sustain personal health and wellness.

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The Be Well Roadmap

We help you create your own, personal Be Well Roadmap to get you on track towards moving better, becoming stronger and fitter, and recovering well.

A rich array of health and wellbeing activities combining: expert support; hi-tech; modern science; ancient wisdom; and, lots of fun, all under one roof.

So that you can live younger, longer, better.
6 Roche St, Hawthorn

Conveniently located
in the heart of Hawthorn:

If you are within 15 minutes walking distance (or more!), we warmly encourage you to put on your runners and use Shanks’ pony.

Your first visit to Be Well

Your Be Well journey commences with a comprehensive assessment with our Senior Physiotherapist, who will help you formulate your personal Be Well Roadmap.

Then use the Be Well app, on your phone or computer, to book your classes, courses, equipment and appointments.

Regularly attend classes and courses, use our training and recovery equipment, engage a masseuse, dietician or physiotherapist, and you will be Well Ontrack to being lifelong health and wellbeing.
Be well app

We simplify your journey to lifelong health & wellness

Our Be Well App is designed with a high level of personalisation, so that you can access relevant information and manage your journey along the Be Well Roadmap. 

You will be able to create your own schedule of classes, courses, equipment and services, at times that work for you.

In addition to making your interaction with Be Well simple and convenient, our app allows us to significantly reducing paper consumption by avoiding the printing of documents.

Start your
Be Well journey

The quickest and easiest way is to book a tour of Be Well. We will explore how we can help you achieve your health and wellness aspirations and explain our no lock-in Membership options.


Dr. Alison DeSouza

“I joined Be Well five weeks ago and it's made a huge difference in my life. It's brought balance, energy, and strength back to me and I'm thrilled with my progress over the past month. As a surgeon, I value the holistic approach to health care that Be Well takes.”

Kate Dear

“Beautiful, calm space. Love coming for classes and chatting to other client's. Pilates has been challenging but it is great to finally be back to some real exercise post covid, and start to regain my strength and power. Love the range of choices across strength, flexibility and cardio.”

Lisa Winneke

“This space and everything Be Well offers is next level! Cutting edge, quality and everything I had dreamed of. I love its all under one gorgeous roof. The people who have created this centre, along with those who are supporting the community, are the epitome of warmth, friendliness and professionalism. Thank you, thank you for this gift. I can't wait to explore more of your offerings and services.”

Emma Abbott

“What a beautiful yoga class! amazing way to start the day - fantastic teacher in a stunning environment.”

Anne Pang

“Friendly and professional staff, state of the art equipment, beautiful setting, highly recommended !! They even look after my elderly mother with patience and kindness.”

Teresa Brandau-Starks

“A great session with Dante on the HUR machines, a good reminder about form and being patient. Highly recommend!!”

Michelle Dabrario

"I used to go to 5 different locations for Yoga, Pilates, Physiotherapy and Strength and conditioning training, Sauna and Massage treatments. Being a member at Be Well has saved me a lot of time, money and planning. I can now do all of these things with a consistent level of care and professionalism and I can schedule them each week in one app. Be Well is literally a life changer. The recovery assets are a bonus, and I look forward to them every week. Big thanks to Rob, Pat and the team for helping me to be more well."

James Van Smeerdijk

"Cool place, well thought out array of services, an app that is easy to use, great equipment, friendly and helpful staff, and excellent tea! Makes being healthy easy and fun."