Be Well


Expert Physiotherapy Services in Hawthorn

At Be Well, our expert physiotherapy services are provided by Pat Lynch, a highly experienced and respected senior physiotherapist.

With over 10 years of experience and a Masters degree, Pat is one of Melbourne’s highest regarded physios.

Our physiotherapy services are designed to help people of all ages who have suffered an injury or have a condition that affects their physical health.

Free Consultations for Members and Discounts Available

At Be Well, we offer our members four free consultations with Pat each year.

Our membership program is designed to provide our clients with access to our full range of services, including physiotherapy, at discounted prices.

We understand the importance of affordable healthcare, and that’s why we provide discounts on all our services to our members.

Non-members can book a consultation with Pat, and we also offer discounts to members who book additional appointments.

Suitable for People of All Ages

Our physiotherapy services are suitable for people of all ages.

We work with you to identify the cause of your pain or discomfort and provide tailored treatment plans to help you recover.

Our physiotherapy services are not just about treating the symptoms of an injury or condition, but also addressing the underlying cause.

We use a variety of techniques, including manual therapy, exercise, and education, to help you achieve your physical health goals.

If you’re looking for an expert physiotherapist in Hawthorn, visit us at Be Well, and experience the transformative power of our physiotherapy services.