Be Well

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6 Roche St, Hawthorn, Victoria 3122
Come and say hi, we are here to help and will be delighted to answer any of your queries.

Are you in the 20%?

Stay Strong with Be Well Hawthorn: Join the 20%

It’s three months since 1 January. when many of us committed or recommitted to getting healthy and well for 2024!

I went on my month-long annual detox program which has extended nicely beyond January, with a few stop/starts due to some family events and special occasions along the way!

A Forbes Health/One Poll survey found that the average resolution lasts 3.74 months, which is much better than doing nothing. However, according to recent research undertaken by Stockholm University, only 19% of people stick to their resolutions after 2 years.

So what’s different about Be Well, where most of our Members are going strong a year or two later? Well, three things, at least!

  1. All Under One Roof

    The most boring thing about gyms, is that they are, well boring! And dark and testosterone factories ++. Sure, many are adding recovery like saunas etc but they are not purpose built with a Member journey, mission and outcomes front of mind. At Be Well there are many paths and adventures to take with our carefully curated equipment, classes and allied health services. There’s just no time to get bored!

  2. Getting started properly

    Our expert team and senior Physiotherapist provide a professional assessment and a clear plan before you begin at Be Well with a review every 3 months to coach, support, adjust and celebrate the gains!

  3. Community, community, community.

    A Be Well Member said to me the other day,’I come to Be Well sometimes and forget to do all the things I meant to because I just love meeting and talking to other members and team here’. Our community of like-minded people, Be Well Conversations with guest and experts, diverse classes and more have built an incredible community.

We firmly believe we all do better together.

How to stay in the special 20%, and not end up in the quitting 80%

Even though we all have the most incredible Be Well Health Club on hand, life gets in the way. Work can overtake our allocated time for health and fitness, travel can make it hard to get back into our former routine, family commitments take precedence. I know, I know all too well!

There are three proven ways to help us stay the course that definitely work for me:

  1. A 3-month goal

  2. Plan/schedule a week or so ahead, towards that goal

  3. Buddy up – make a commitment to/ with someone else.

So stay the course, you special 20%ers, we’ve got your back at Be Well!

Be Well is the first-of-its- kind urban health, wellness and lifestyle club in Melbourne, Australia.  Informed by the science of longevity, Be Well nurtures the relationship you have with yourself and others, to optimise your lifestyle, and live your longest, best life.