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Be Well

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How We Feel

As humans, we’re emotional creatures. Our emotions influence the decisions we make, the career path we take, the films and music we enjoy, the art we’re drawn to. Emotions help us choose our friends, those whom we fall in love and stay with…and how well we look after ourselves. Yes, emotions have power. Emotional intelligence is the ability to harness that […]

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Stepping on Styku 3D Body Scanner|Be Well

Be Well: Revolutionising Fitness with Styku 3D Body Scanner

In today’s fitness landscape, achieving your health and wellness goals often requires a multifaceted approach. From monitoring your diet to finding the right workout routine, every aspect plays a crucial role in your journey to a healthier lifestyle. However, one key element that is often overlooked is understanding your body composition accurately. This is where

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Stay Strong with Be Well Hawthorn: Join the 20%

Are you in the 20%?

It’s three months since 1 January. when many of us committed or recommitted to getting healthy and well for 2024! I went on my month-long annual detox program which has extended nicely beyond January, with a few stop/starts due to some family events and special occasions along the way! A Forbes Health/One Poll survey found

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Lymphtic Draining Massage | Be Well Hawthorn

Boosting Your Health: The Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Introduction: Understanding How to Feel Better We are noticing an increasing number of members expressing curiosity about lymphatic drainage massage, and a growing demand for this healing service from Megan, Be Well’s remedial massage therapist..   Because everyone who lives, breathes and eats, and  as the world is filled with stress, toxins and environmental pollutants, lymphatic drainage massage

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Shifting Focus: Health Care vs Sick Care at Be Well Hawthorn

Shifting Focus – Health Care vs Sick Care

In the realm of wellness, there’s a profound distinction between health care and sick care. Health care is proactive, centred around fostering wellbeing and preventing illness. Sick care is reactive, addressing sickness and disease after they’ve manifested. As someone whose family has experienced open heart surgery, appendix removals, many births, gall bladder removals, dementia, and

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