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From Day One to Year One at Be Well

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Even though we all have the most incredible Be Well Health Club on hand, life gets in the way. Work can overtake our allocated time for health and fitness, travel can make it hard to get back into our former routine, family commitments take precedence. I know this all too well!

So I regularly remind myself of the physical and mental benefits I am gaining and banking when I prioritise my health, fitness and wellbeing daily or even just 3 times a week.

This week I dipped into some of the inspiring science about what happens from Day 1 to One Month to a Year On when we keep showing up for ourselves, and our bodies!

From Day 1

  • The moment you start exercising your body begins complex processes to rebuild its fitness and, while change is slow, it’s continuous and worth staying the course for the long haul.

  • Your resting metabolic rate increases after exercise. Your body consumes more energy for muscle repair, therefore burning more calories when not exercising, and ironically, rather than making you hungrier, over time exercise reduces your appetite.

  • Sleep improves as your body repairs overnight and improves fluid distribution and the important added protein synthesis to build more muscle fibres.

  • After only a week the mood-boosting powers of exercise kick in with the brain releasing endorphins, those wonderful feel-good hormones. It’s why some people eventually develop a need, and even craving, to exercise regularly.

After a Month

  • After just four weeks of 2 or 3 visits a week to Be Well, you will notice improvements to your strength and fitness, standing straighter and walking a bit faster.

  • Recovery after exercise speeds up, thanks to the nervous system learning how to more efficiently contract your muscles.

  • On a cellular level, mitochondria – those mini power plants that produce energy – multiply, meaning that your body produces more energy.

  • You might notice you’re sweating more when exercising. That’s because your body has become better at regulating its temperature. Your body is more sensitive to the need to remove heat, and as you get more physically fit, you are working harder and therefore producing more heat.

After a Year

  • Those improvements you saw to your strength and fitness after the first month will increase significantly. You should also feel more flexible, agile, and have improved posture, with less back and joint pain.

  • Whether or not it’s one of your goals, you’ll probably see changes to your physical appearance, be it your body weight or muscle mass.

  • Your body’s physical changes – a stronger heart, bones and muscles – play a key role in reducing your risk of developing serious health conditions, including heart disease, type two diabetes, cancer and obesity.

  • Generally, you will likely be feeling happier than you did a year ago. Research shows people who work out even once a week tend to be more cheerful than those who never exercise and those who work out regularly experience fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety.

After nearly two years at Be Well, we have seen the evidence of Day One to Year One and beyond in many of our Members, as they gain a new level of fitness, health and wellbeing.

Of course, rapid recovery is privileged alongside personalized fitness at Be Well. So make the most of having everything all under one roof, never having to drive from place to place again for the rest of your life 😅!

Double down on extending your healthspan and get your fill of: hot/cold therapeutic baths; normatec compression; remedial and lymphatic massages; infrared saunas;  with red light therapy built in; and, state of the art hydroxy airpod.

See you at Be Well again soon!

Be Well is the first-of-its- kind urban health, wellness and lifestyle club in Melbourne, Australia.  Informed by the science of longevity, Be Well nurtures the relationship you have with yourself and others, to optimise your lifestyle, and live your longest, best life.